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The Shinjirakon colony was first settled in 938 after the discovery of an unexplored continent by Kairo Kwan in 929. It became the first imperial colony of Dyrrhakhion, an island nation of dwarves ruled autocratically by the Grandmaster.

The provincial capital city Shin’iwata was established first along the shore, but two more settlements soon followed: Tenshuo along the riverbank to the north, and Qinglao on the rocky peninsula across the bay. When the colony was first opened up to mainlanders, a third town, Fidelis, was quickly formed by Thysian religious pilgrims eager for a simple farming life.

North, beyond Tenshuo, myriad small halfling clans are taming the wilderness of Zane County, many settling around the crystalline Lake Geneva.

The Shinjirakon colony is removed from the rest of the continent by the Hanxu Shan mountain range, whose foggy peaks have prevented any living observer from witnessing the potential vastness of the landscape.

Main Page

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