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Welcome to the New World, pilgrim.

The Dwarves of Dyrrhakhion have spent the last few decades carving out a swath of coast on the mysterious western continent known as Shinjirakon (New Dyrrhakhion). Now they have invited you—the common folk of Thysia, Aurobin-dô, and the world—to come and settle the wild, untamed land across the sea.

And why have you come? Why have you forsaken your homeland for a life uncertain? Maybe you yearn for the freedom to worship the gods of your choosing. Maybe you dream of tilling a field that belongs to your own family, rather than some clean-handed landlord. Maybe you’re a naturalist, eager to explore the uncharted wilderness hitherto unwitnessed by mortals. Maybe you just have a soft spot for dwarves.

Whatever your motive, Shinjirakon is sure to sate your thirst for liberty and adventure. Your new life begins now, as your ship pulls into port at Shin’iwata town.

Home Page

Shinjirakon JamesHazelton